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Tutankhamun Pectoral with the Throne Name

Tutankhamun Pectoral with the Throne Name is a masterpiece of jewel from the collection of Tutankhamun. It is a pectoral decorated in a complex way: the central part of the pectoral, which represents the name of the king, consists, in the middle, of a large lapis lazuli scarab. Below it is the hieroglyphic sign "neb", which resembles a basket inlaid with blue glass; above this are the solar and lunar disks made of electrum.

Tutankhamun Pectoral with the Throne Name

The outer edges of the pectoral are decorated with two cobras that appear to be too large in comparison to the ankh signs, and the eyes of Horus, which are depicted very tightly under the name of the king.

The central scarab is provided with the wings of a falcon. At the bottom of the pectoral is a frieze of lotus flowers interspersed with cornflowers and roundels, all inlaid with lapis lazuli, carnelian, and colored glass.