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Tutankhamun Blue Headrest

Blue Glass Headrest of Tutankhamun

Tutankhamun turquoise-blue glass headrest probably was padded with linen to provide support and comfort during sleep. The headrest is fashioned in two halves and joined at the center of the column with a square wooden dowel.

A narrow strip of gold foil covers the joint. It is covered with alternating signs of the Ankh, symbol of long life, and the "Was" scepter, symbol of prosperity and dominion.

Tutankhamun Blue Headrest

Both sides of the column have vertical texts, one with the titles and the other with the names of Tutankhamun , "the Good God, the Lord of the Two Lands, Neb-khepru-Ra, who gives life like Ra." One corner of the base shows evidence of being restored in ancient times.