Ancient Egyptian Astronomers

That prompted the ancient Egyptians to the attention of stars and criminality cosmic is tied Babadathm where worshiped the sun and fired by the name (Ra) has Tsouroha is mounted on a boat and swim in the space, which they called the name (Shaw), has been thought that the sun when it is absent in the western horizon and solves darkness descend to the underworld and they called (DAT), comes the moon and his deputy, fired upon the god (Thoth) to replace it.

It was the ancient civilizations sanctifies the female, and it's content for the creation of that have made them gods of the universe and reflected this view when the ancient Egyptians as representing the earth is in the form of a man lying on his stomach name of God (Jeb), everything in the land of revival and Max on the back, and imagine the sky woman curved perimeter ground based on the outskirts of the fingers of her hands and feet and fired by the gods (Thoth), where the space-borne god Shu.

Ancient Egyptian Astronomers

Monitoring tools of ancient Egyptians

Pharaohs created simple tools for astronomical observation and locate astronomical objects, and the family adopted the most important which is about two tools used by the monitors two, it is Valadah merkht (Almrki)The first branch is a short and thick mussels from a terminal where there is thick at the party .The second tool is a ruler with the words of Hacol a thin line attached at the bottom of a piece of lead-up to pull the thread to become vertically, horizontally and bear.

And how to use Almrki is that someone sitting toward the north and the other towards the south for the observer, and determine the hours when they pass the star string vertical in the horizontal ruler so that it is with heart or eye, left or right or in any part of the body of the viewer for example, is said (the star I see above the left eye the viewer to three o'clock). In the daytime they used solar sundial (measured under the column for example) to determine the time.

Ancient Egyptian Astronomers

Ancient Egyptian Astronomers

 Pharaonic calendars

The ancient Egyptians were the first civilizations that divided the year into (360) days, with divided the solar year into three classes each semester consists of four months, has opened the first chapter flooding or (drought) and the second chapter is (Perth) or winter and the mean displacement of water of land, and opened the third quarter summer or (chemo) and the mean water shortages, and Kano call the years with their symbols, special show on the ruler in those years. 
has been calculated also days of the solar year by Hrouguin Canis Major which is the brightest star in the constellation (the dog most ) Sirius consecutive star Sirius. The reason for their interest in this star it is linked to the date of the Nile River flood, where seasonal rains are falling on the highlands of Abyssinia to the Nile floods Vtaatdfq water level goes up which leads to the annual flooding, the flooding has stopped for the time being because of the construction of the Aswan High Dam in southern Egypt. 
To that observed Pharaohs The flood occurs at sunrise star Sirius Vatakdhuha hours Kone and one of the main bases in the calendar Pharaonic to schedule an impending flood, and surprisingly the star Sirius rises from the eastern horizon one grade only at sunrise during the flood, making monitoring difficult because of the sun making monitoring difficult, has raised the surprise of scientists at the moment.
Pharaohs also used as the lunar year and lunar month known through Hrouguin consecutive meetings of the crescent and the lunar year divided into twelve months, has relied on the lunar calendar to determine the date of rituals and religious occasions where every lunar year of thirteen holiday officially and religiously.

The planets and constellations

Care of the Pharaohs in view of the sky and control, perhaps because of the purity of the air most of the year where the spotted stars and constellations Kalshary Yamania (because of its importance in determining the time of the flood) and opened Big Dipper labels and perceptions of their own constellations where a vision (Big Dipper) in the form of a elongated arms Cygnus in the form of horse-drawn Cart and likened Cygnus.

And other constellations. Star also were interested in and fired on the stars surrounding the North Star immortal star, and one of the reasons is that the interest in that each represents a paradise for the lives of the kings of the Pharaohs.And take care of also planets car five that you see in the form of bright stars and fired them (the stars that do not never rest) because of its movement continuous between the stars has been fired on Mars (Houri red) and also fired on the buyer (the star piercing) and Saturn (Horus the bull), has been fired also on Venus and Mercury (Benjmte morning) at their backs in the morning and (Ndjemta evening) when their backs after sunset.
 It was Ersadehm very accurate as is reflected in the perpendicularity of the sun on the face of Ramses II in Abu Simbel temple in Aswan twice a year. Orthogonal first occurs on the day of birth of 22 February and the second orthogonal happening October 22 the day of his coronation to the throne.


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