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Ancient Egyptian Hunting

Hunting is a popular activity in ancient Egypt. However, it seems that hunting was reserved for nobles richer. A desert hunt took place on foot in the early days, but after the car was introduced, the Pharaoh and his colleagues have galloped after their prey. Farmers would also go hunting antelope in the desert beyond the hills. The ancient Egyptians rich "eating meat (beef, goat, sheep), fish (Nile perch, catfish, mullet) or poultry (goose, pigeon, duck, heron, crane) daily. Poor Egyptians ate meat on special occasions but ate fish and poultry more often.

 A hobby enjoyed by most Egyptians involved venturing outside in muddy swamps to find - and even hunting - water, birds in the desert to hunt other animals. Other forms of hunting have been popular in all classes. Hunting weapons most commonly used were bows and arrows, lassos and throwing sticks. Out for a hunt was a family activity. A painting depicts a sailing family grave through the thickets on a boat. The father stood at the boat's bow, holding a stick spray to the knock-a bird when he was near her.
Ancient Egyptian Hunting

 The love of the hunt was down to the Egyptians of their prehistoric ancestors. He had a point; after all, it was the only way to get the meat. In Neolithic and pre-dynastic days of hunting and fishing remained an important complement to livestock. In historic times, however, agriculture and livestock have increased to where hunting lost its economic importance. It gradually became the sport of kings, courtiers and dignitaries, and they could show their strength and courage.
 Hunting expeditions of the pharaohs like military campaigns often more pleasure trips. Each of the pharaohs used a master of hunting to accompany a whole troop of servants and beaters. The usual career included many gazelles and antelopes (Dorcas, addax, oryx, etc.), ibex, little beef, Barbary sheep and ostriches. A higher degree of skill and courage was required to hunt hyenas, lions and leopards.
 Hunting can be an extremely dangerous sport because of the wild animals that were hunted. Therefore, the ancient Egyptians used hunting dogs to help them capture their prey. Greyhounds have a unique view, combined with the speed and stamina necessary to catch prey destiny. Pharaoh dog originated in ancient Egypt and was raised primarily as a dog to hunt gazelle and other small game.