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Ancient Egyptian Pets

The ancient Egyptians kept many animals as pets, including cats, dogs, monkeys, gazelles and birds. The cat was a favorite pet, because he killed the rats and mice in the house, and the Egyptians believed that the cat-goddess Bastet, away from home. Some cats may have been specially trained to help their masters when they hunted birds. Some birds including hawks, these pet birds are important because of their religious significance; geese honking bird these versions of a guard dog were popular among nobles; pets other birds include ducks and doves .

The dogs were useful animals. They were used as guard dogs and hunting dogs as they were in many other cultures around the world. Anubis is often referred to as the jackal god head, but the Egyptians seem to have identified with this god other dogs, and sometimes domestic dogs were buried as sacred animals in the catacombs at Saqqara Anubieion. Pets are not only present as paintings or models. The mummified bodies of animals were also found in the tombs.  
Ancient Egyptian Pets
A Hapymen some buried at Abydos, loved his dog so he was mummified and wrapped in linen and placed next to his feet in his coffin. The Egyptians loved their pets and has worked hard to keep forever. Most common were mummified animals dogs, cats and monkeys. These animals were mummified and in most cases, careful effort has been used to preserve them. The ancient Egyptians many types of domestic animals - sheep, cattle, goats, pigs, geese and later horses.  
Above all, they used animals to provide milk, wool work, meat, eggs, leather, hides, horns, fats and manual. Cattle were in Egypt in pre-dynastic period, a variety of long-horned cattle, but thinner a short-horned variety has become the norm over from the Old Kingdom. Cattle were used for sacrificial and to be animals. Green monkeys and baboons were the most popular animals seconds after dogs. 
 It is concluded that the main reason for its popularity is the ability to train these animals to dance, sing and even play musical instruments to entertain their owners and guests. Hathor is the goddess Royal. House Its name means "Horus". His image could take the form of a cow, a woman with a cow's head, or a woman wearing the horns of a cow. Like a cow tongue, she gave the king her divine milk, and protected like a cow protects her calf. She was the goddess of love, music, singing and dancing.