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The shadoof or shaduf was an Ancient Egyptian tool used to draw water for irrigational purposes. It was the earliest form of water raising machine which drew water from a lower level to a higher level.
Shaduf meaning

Shaduf Purpose

This ancient invention called shaduf and the earliest shape of water raising machine used to draw water for irrigational purposes known since 3000 BCE by the ancient Egyptians .

The shaduf is a irrigation tool originally developed in ancient egypt and still used today to irrigate farms. The earliest known use of shadoofs was in Egypt, Mesopotamia, some other African and Asian areas.

Ancient Egyptian shaduf

Ancient Egyptian shaduf

Farmers have planted fruit trees and vines along the roads, to provide shade and fruit. The seasons were dependent on cycles of the Nile River. See also Ancient Egyptian Farming

The ancient technique of drawing water using a shadoof has been replaced today by new invensions. However, some people in Egypt still follw the practise of drawing water using shadoof, thus retaining the traditional method.


Ancient Egyptian shaduf facts


Its function to raising water from a lower place like river or Well  to a higher place like farm. Even is the nile is low egyptian farmers could still watering Their crops. ancient Egyptian Wall painting depicting a shaduf used by farmer .

Shaduf was used in several ancient civilizations like Egypt,Mesopotamia also in African and Asian areas. shaduf was made out of wood, or a combination of wood and stone, however, some copper tools and some metal tools too.

 Ancient Egyptian shaduf function

Ancient Egyptian shaduf structure

The shadoof basically comprised of a frame erected on the ground. On this frame a long pole or branch was suspended.

Towards the long end of the pole a container, like a bucket or basket was hung and the shorter end was used for the purpose of carrying the weight, thus balancing the two ends of the pole.

Ancient Egyptian shaduf structure

Ancient Egyptian shaduf structure

The bucket or the container was slowly lower towards the water body and water was filled in it. This water was then poured over the area where the irrigation activity was to take place.

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