The Gilded bed of King Tutankhamun

The Gilded bed with lions heads 

of King Tutankhamun

 The bed  date back to reign of King Tutankhamun - New kingdom 18th dynasty.It was dicoverd in Tutankhamun tomb in  the Valley of the Kings In 1934 – the west bank of the Nile of Thebes .

The Gilded bed of King Tutankhamun

It was found in the Annex of the tomb. It is in a bad condition and maybe its footboard had been wrenched away from it.

It is totally gilded and low to the ground having short and thick leonine legs. The 2 front legs continued through above the frame by 2 heads of lions as a sign of protection to the one who is sleeping on it. 

This composes the Axt sign with lions being the two mountains and the head of the sleeper is the sun rising in between. (also theory of the two lions representing the eastern and western horizons).
The lions’ eyes are inlaid with quartz and coloured glass.

This bed made of wood and a layer of gold. it was measures  H: 26.5 cm, W: 85 cm, D: 221 cm .

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