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Pectoral with Scarab Identified with God Khepri

The central element of this pectoral is the scarab, identified with the god Khepri, the sun at dawn. Here it is carefully carved in the round in lapis lazuli, with detailed head markings and wing striations, or stripes.

Pectoral with Scarab Identified with God Khepri

It supports a cartouche, carefully inlaid, bearing the praenomen, or first name, of the king with the epithet "Chosen of Re." Between its back legs the beetle holds the Shen sign, inlaid with carnelian, the symbol of universal power.

On the sides of the scarab, uraeus serpents hang down from the cartouche. The bodies are in gold with fine linear markings. This pectoral shows craftsmanship of superb quality on a very small scale.