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Tutankhamun Winged Scarab Pendant

This golden pendant of cloisonne technique is inlaid with semiprecious stones and colored glass. The central element of the composition is a winged scarab of chalcedony, grasping on one side a lotus and on the other a papyrus flower, flanked by two uraei, or cobras.

Tutankhamun Winged Scarab Pendant
Tutankhamun Winged Scarab Pendant

 A gold frame outlines the main composition and supports pendants of lotus flowers, papyrus, and poppy seed heads. A slim solar boat rests upon the front feet of the scarab and carries the Udjat eye of Horus, flanked by two uraei.

The Udjat eye is surmounted by a lunar crescent of gold and a silver disk with images of the gods, Thoth and Re-Horakhty, crowning the central figure of the king.