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Ancient Egypt Makeup men and women

The use of ancient Egyptian makeup was for both men and women, and was popular throughout the entire history of ancient Egypt. Eye makeup was the main form, and it was used daily. There were other types of makeup for the lips, cheeks and skin - but those were usually used only on occasion and not by everyone.

Ancient Egypt Makeup and Beauty

Ancient Egypt Makeup and Beauty

Ancient Egypt Makeup facts 

The ancient Egyptians primarily used different types of eye makeup. The udju was made out of green malachite which they got from the mines in Sinai.Their kohl was made out of galena or lead sulfide that were taken either from the coasts of the Red Sea or around the upper areas of Egypt.

 They used these (along with soot) as black eyeliners. Saffron was an expensive yellow-coloured spice that they used as eyeshadow. Jasper, a mineral that they ground finely to serve as medicinal eye treatments. Burnt Almonds were used along with minerals to create eye and brow colour.

They used goose fat to create cosmetic pastes. Egyptian eye make ups were packed carefully in jars, pouches or shells.The other kind of eye makeup produced by the Egyptians was derived from a dark gray ore obtained from lead.  It was known as Mesdemet and could be derived from both antimony sulfide and lead sulfide.
Ancient Egypt Makeup and Beauty

Ancient Egypt Makeup and Beauty

Ancient Egypt Makeup and Beauty
 The area of Aswan was particularly rich in deposits of galena and so was the Red Sea coast.  A number of Asiatic nomads also presented the Egyptians with this unique form of eye makeup.In ancient Egypt, preparations were a little more extensive. The cosmetic material had to be powdered on a palette and then this powder mixed with a substance, to make the powder adhere to the eye. 
Eye makeup equipment (palettes, grinders, applicators) has been found among the earliest burials of the pre-dynastic period and seem to have been essential items for the afterlife. That the Egyptians decorated their eyes with great aesthetic care is immediately obvious. Eye cosmetics bestowed beauty and style as well as other gifts, perhaps less immediately apparent to modern eyes. 
Black kohl, lapis lazuli or green malachite was also used for this eye decoration.The Egyptians had a holistic approach when it comes to eye makeup. On the one hand it was really decorative and exquisitely ornate and on the other hand it was considered to have medicinal benefits along with which it was associated with spiritual and magical practices of the ancient Egyptians.