Ancient Egypt Proverbs

Ancient Egypt Proverbs and Sayings

A very important part of Ancient Egyptian religion was the Ancient Egyptian Sayings. “Knowing Oneself!” was the most important religious ideas of Ancient Egyptians. The religious aspect of this idea is that within man live the god and the heavens.

Another famous saying from ancient Egypt is “The kingdom of heaven is within oneself and the person who knows himself shall find it”. In Ancient Egypt, these sayings were used as a teaching for a man to understand the universe. These sayings were thus emblazoned on the walls of tombs and temples in Egypt

Ancient Egypt Proverbs and Sayings

Famous Ancient Egyptian Proverbs in outer temples of Luxor

1. Nature is the best and the shortest route towards knowledge.

2. A price should be paid for every joy.

3. It is better not to know things rather than knowing things which we do not know.

4. While searching the laws of harmony, we will discover knowledge.

5. The inner light glows in peace and meditation.

6. “Man know yourself” is said as the Egyptians believed that the body is the house of god.

7. The man that helps others will be helped by others in his time of need.

8. A man runs the risk of shipwreck if he travels unknown waters.

9. True sages are those who give all they have without cruelty.

10. If one is searching for Neter he should observe nature.

11. People carry their own downfall through their own tongues.

12. Love is one thing, knowledge is another.

13. If the Master teacher his disciple what is error, the disciple’s compliance will be slavery but if he teaches reality the submission is ennoblement.

14. Understanding develops by degrees.

Some Ancient Egyptian Sayings in inner temples of Luxor

The initiates of Ancient Egypt who had proven themselves worthy and ready to obtain advanced knowledge and insights were rich with their philosophical thoughts and practices, which had a direct impact over their sayings. Some of them are given below:

1. Listen to your conviction even if it seems absurd to your reason.

2. To teach one must know the ones who he is teaching.

3. The way of knowledge is narrow.

4. The nut doesn’t reveal the tree it contains.

5. Characters of moral order are measured by actions.

6. Our wits serve to affirm, not to know.

7. Always observe and follow nature.

8. All seeds reply to the light, but the color is diverse.

9. The plant shows what is inside the seed.

These are some of the important Ancient Egyptian Sayings. Throughout these sayings we can see knowledge is compared with stupidity. These sayings have come from the father to son and then to his son and so on. These are concerned with the realities of human experience in his day to day life.

These messages encrypted on the walls of the buildings and monuments also give us an insight on the Ancient Egyptian society. Hence we can conclude by saying that the Ancient Egyptian Sayings can be used as source of wisdom even in today’s modern society.

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