Ancient Egyptian Toys

The ancient Egyptians were very hard working people. They hardly had any time foe leisure or entertainment. There were different games and toys for children, as well as for adults. The board games were mostly played by the adults. One of the most popular games was Senet. It was played only by the wealthy people then.
The game simonizes the struggle that the good does to win over the evil. One such game was actually found in a tomb. This is a board game that had 30 holes, 3 rows and 10 columns. There are plenty of different ancient Egyptian toys.

Ancient Egyptian Toys

Egyptian Senet Game

Some of the famous ones are:

1. Rag doll

The rag doll is something most probably the female kid would have loved sleeping with. There was not a teddy bear then.

They did not have the fancy stuff toys that we have now but they definitely did have the well slicked dolls that had a head, 2 arms and 2 legs. There have been found to have some parts missing though like the eyes. These dolls used materials like papyrus and cloth as stuffing.

2. Other toys

The other common toys were mainly made out of either wood or clay.

Some of these toys were

1. Wooden mouse

The wooden mouse has been found with a string attached to it. The string is attached to its tail. Most probably this toy was used by the Egyptians kids.

2. the horse

The horse has been found as a toy. I signified the wars that had been fought on the horse. Because so many wars were happening and were being fought at that time, thus the toys of that age symbolizes the same.

3. Cats and lions

A lot of cats and lions have been founds as toys.
Some other animals like the mongoose, pigs and the hedgehogs have also been found.

4. Paddle dolls

Some paddle dolls that were made as a basic structure with the help of a wood piece has been found.
Their hair was made up of beads that are made from clay. This was more of the girl toy and was kept by almost all the little girls of the ancient Egyptian times.

5. Some bone and ivory toys have also been found 

They seem to have been less popular as compared to the wooden ones. The wooden toys have been found in large numbers.


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