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 Coptic writing name from the Egyptian Coptic Christians. It is strange that the word "Copt" originally came from the Greek word "Aigobtios," meaning 'the Egyptian.' It has been shortened to "Gobtios," then move to the Arab "Copt," and finally return to Egypt "Coptos." The name implies, such as letters Coptic Egyptian language Egyptian hieroglyphics, as happened in 3000 years before.
Coptic writing

 Coptic writing was adopted from the Greek alphabet approximately around the second century CE. Christians adopted the Greek alphabet perfectly even though many of the votes, such as Greek letters that were not present in Egypt. But kept the extraneous messages numeric values. In addition, the Copts added five messages taken from the demotic writing and representing sounds not found in Greek. 
The final count of 32 and signs of the Egyptian language is masterful at the beginning of the first millennium like the three Egyptian writings that preceded it and wrote Coptic consonants and vowels. 
This has helped scientists reconstruct history without the Egyptian language and provide an idea of ​​how the Egyptian and the words clear.
 Coptic writing replaces the demotic letters used in Egypt. It eventually came out about fashion in the fourteenth century, when Arabic became the dominant language in Egypt. Coptic writing and language and are limited to the purposes of ritualism in the Coptic Orthodox Church. Here the Coptic alphabet. Blue letters denote the value of the audio message, while the purple words are the names of the letters.

 Coptic writing pictures

Coptic writing

Coptic writing

Coptic writing