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Gilded wooden bed of Tutankhamun

The gilded wooden bed of Tutankhamun

This bed is considered one of the finest beds of the ordinary beds collection. It was found in the Antechamber. Carter considered it to have the best proportions of all non-rituals beds found in the tomb.

Gilded wooden bed of Tutankhamun

 It stands relatively high on its lion legs and it is elegantly curved from front to back. The so-called drums underneath the lion paws here and on much other furniture were designed to facilitate the stabilization of the bed on uneven floors.

The whole bed is covered with thick gold sheets and the mattress is made of woven plant fibres. When in use it would have been lavishly piled with linen to soften the surface.

The footboard is divided into panels of decoration embossed in the gold foil. In the centre is the conventional heraldic design of the union of the two lands of upper and Lower Egypt (the Sematawy). 
On either side are two panels, one showing a clump of papyrus, the other, narrower, a trophy bouquet of papyrus and lotus flowers. In these designs Carter claimed to see the influences of Amarna naturalistic art.