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king Tut wife Ankhesenamun

Tutankhamun wife Ankhesenamun

He was married to the third daughter of Akhenaton her name was Ankh-es-en-pa-itn which means (she who lives for the Aten) and she changed her name like her husband to ankh-es-en-imn after the revolution happened. They married at an early age, perhaps for reasons of state (to acquire the right to ascend the throne) or because they loved each other as the love and affection was displayed in some scenes on the artifacts found in the tomb.

Tutankhamun and Ankhesenamun

The queen is frequently shown presenting the king with garlands of flowers or helping him while hunting by passing him an arrow.  We believe that Ankhesenpaaten was older then Tutankhamun because she was probably of childbearing age as she bore him no children except for two still-born (premature) female children who died as foetuses of 6 and 7 months’ gestation. Their mummies were discovered at the tomb
king Tut wife Ankhesenamun

Ankhesenamun life

 After his death she didn't want to marry any of his followers so she sent a letter, which is recorded as one of the examples of the Amarna letters, to the Hittite king asking him to send a prince to marry her. He was not sure of such a strange request but he sent a prince to see what was happening. 
Unfortunately, the prince got murdered on his way to Egypt, probably by the followers of Horemheb and Ay. Ankhesenamun ended up marrying Ay, which was one of the things that Ay had done to prove his right to ascend the throne. 

Ancient Egyptian Marriage

Ancient Egyptian Marriage

Another act that Ay has done to legitimise his ascent to the throne was that he represented himself on the walls of the burial chamber of the tomb of Tutankhamun performing the opening of the mouth ceremony, which was normally done by the successor or the son of the deceased king.