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Tutankhamun Bed represented with God Bes

Bed Of King Tutankhamun with openwork figured footboard represented with God Bes

It was discovered in the Antechamber of the tomb of King Tutankhamun. It may have been a truly functional piece of domestic furniture. It has the characteristic curved shape, with a mattress of woven plant fibres covered with lime wash between the main frames. This curve provides better blood circulation for the sleeper. It is made of ebony and has lion's legs and feet resting on a rounded base.

 Its most notable feature is the footboard. It has three similar panels surrounded by a religious formula, which includes prayers to the king to have life, stability, prosperity and all health like Re forever.

Each panel contains three figures in openwork centrally the god Bes, a leonine dwarf with a lotus headdress, a domestic deity charged to protect the home, he is flanked by two rampant lions with similar headdress, their front paws resting on Sa-signs signifying protection.
 These finely carved figures are covered in part with gold leaf and all have tongues of pink-stained ivory. Here is powerful protection for whoever slept on this bed.  In between the panels, there is a depiction of papyrus flowers head to head.