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The royal shelter ( umbrella) of King Tutankhamun

The function: Its main function was to protect the king from the heat of the sun, the wind and the rains .  Types: Land shelter ►used during the different military expeditions. Hunting trips, during the ceremonies as well as watching the military activities.

 Sea shelter ► from the name we can deduce that it used mainly upon the boats and it presented here with the prow (the frontal part of the boat).

Tutankhamun umbrella

Description of the umbrella

It made out of wood gilded. The upper part rectangular in shape, having  several ropes coming out of it indicating the rays of the sun. These robes are to allow decreasing and increasing the amount of the shape provided to the king. It resting upon 4 throws, ending with papyrus and lotus flowers at the top.
 At the bottom we have stool upon which they used to put a cushion to allow the king to sit upon .  it decorated with sign of unification (sm3-t3wy) →the lungs, the turcia, papyrus and lotus  flowers tied together with the enemies Egypt and their hands tied behind their backs,  they were Libyans, Nubians and Asiatic that indicating that the king was capable of unifying upper and lower Egypt as well as suppressing all his enemies. 
There are 6 sticks  inside the same showcase may be they are remains of the robes but the largest stick is  probably the way of opening and closing the umbrella.  The royal shelter used to be covered by linen sheets, some scholars that the linen sheet  which is on display at the same corridor is belonging to it, while other scholars said that  they are some remains of the king's garment.