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Ancient Egyptian Abydos

There are many ancient Egyptian Abydos facts never cease to amaze you. Abydos was a place sacred to the ancient Egyptians. It was the seat of the god Osiris. It was believed that Abydos was the place that opened in the underworld. The ancient Egyptians used to visit this place frequently. It was not only a place of pilgrimage, but a burial as well. Found in Upper Egypt, Abydos is now a magnet for archaeologists.
Ancient Egyptian Abydos

Ancient Egyptian Abydos

Abydos is a place of pilgrimage even now. Dorothy Eady devotees visit this place every year. Dorothy Eady is considered the avatar of a priestess who lived in the ancient Temple of Abydos.

A brief overview of the history of Abydos in ancient Egypt

When studying ancient Egypt Abydos facts, it is quite remarkable in how Abydos transformed from a landfill in a place of pilgrimage even now. It was originally incorporated by Wepwawet, which showed the door of death for people with Abydos.

During the dynasty twenty seconds, the cult of Osiris became more important to Abydos. Meanwhile, the temple of Seti was constructed. Until now, the temple has impressed and inspired many artists in the world. The pure artistic magnificence of the structure is outside the world.

The era of Dorothy

Dorothy Eady stood at Abydos, in the year 1946. Until his death in 1981, Eady was considered the reincarnation of a priestess sacred. The self-proclaimed reincarnation was accepted by the people, who then became his followers. Among the former made of Abydos in Egypt, it is relevant because it took place in modern times.

Pharaoh Abydos helicopter

A hieroglyph that has attracted people's attention and remains unanswered is the discovery of the temple of Osiris. The hieroglyph is a mystery to all. UFO enthusiasts swear by its relevance to the foreigners who live thousands of years on Earth.
The glyphs represent aircraft and airplanes, even exotic flying saucers. 

 It can not be an error when creating the glyph, given the information which he is portrayed. Outside the plane, even a submarine is portrayed as a jet.Some historians believe that this could be a creation of a spirit very inspired during these periods. Yet others say it could be a model for the future developed by scientists elders.It is interesting to note that when studying ancient Egypt Abydos fact, it never goes any puzzle.