Ancient Egyptian Art and Architecture

The ancient Egyptian art was in the form of paintings, sculpture, architecture and others. This was produced by the efforts of people who live along the river Nile. The time period for the same is between 5000BC and 300Ad.  Much of the art that is on tombs and on the monuments testifies the talent of the people of those times.

These seem to be a lot of emphasis on things related to life and death and there has also been a lot of emphasis on preserving the things of the past. There has been a lot of art that depicts the gods, the human beings and also nature. The artists seem to have tried their best to preserve each and everything.

Ancient Egyptian Art and Architecture

Ancient Egyptian Architecture

The architects used both the sun-dried and also kiln baked bricks. There was a also the use of very fine sandstone, granite and limestone. It looked that the work of the architect was very much planned. There are a lot of pictorial carnations that were used for the beautification of the structure.  There is decoration with the help of many motifs and also beetle, vulture and solar disc. 

Ancient Egyptian Papyrus

 The word paper is derived from the word papyrus. Very long paper sheets were used and rolls were made out of them. Some of them have been as long as 10 meters.  The leaves were dried and a lot of text was written on those dried leaves. 

Ancient Egyptian Pottery

 Pottery was on the vases and amulets. There are drawings of many images of deities, animals and also some other objects. Some of the pottery also highlights things like the internal organs of the human beings.  There are some vases that contain the name of the person who dried and these were also buried with the dead body.

 Ancient Egyptian Sculpture 

Sculpture was widely used to depict the kings, the gods, queens in very much their physical form.  It has been noticed that very strict conventions were followed when it came to art. The statues of the men were very darker than that of the women. The hands and the knee and legs placement was also very proper and systematic. 


The painting has been found all over the tombs, in the temples and also in different palaces. It has been noticed that many of these painting have used a material that has stayed very well till now.

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