The ancient Egyptians did not have much furniture. The most common furniture was a low stool, although many people, especially poor sitting on the floor. Rich people had beds and mattresses, while the poorest people slept on a straw mat or carpet on the floor. The ancient Egyptians did not have closets, but things are stored in baskets of reeds.

In ancient Egypt the family was important. Its importance is demonstrated in part by the many references to the family in a variety of texts and documents, many representations of it in the statues and paintings, and many family relationships between the gods and goddesses. The Egyptians used many types of wood furniture, including tables, chairs, stools, chests, and beds.

Ancient Egyptian Beds

Houses were mostly sparsely furnished. The majority of Egyptians did not have many effects that should be hidden, if a trunk or two or a few baskets provide plenty of storage space. The tables were rarely used. Even the scribes, the richest of the average Egyptian, not writing their scrolls at a table, but in general, squatted on the ground, holding a wooden board, on which the papyrus was extended with a and writing one hand with each other. 
 Kitchen work was done squatting with cooking utensils made available on the floor. In many houses there are a few stools down, but people often just sitting on the ground. And while the rich slept on beds, the poor had to settle for a mattress filled with straw or wool, rug, or even the unfinished floor. The ancient Egyptians used carved and curved, raised headrests allegedly used as "pillows" on their beds.  
Archaeologists believe they really slept on them overnight. But there is some evidence they may have also focused on the headrest with a soft material to make it more comfortable. After the jewelry, some of the most exquisite objects remaining in the ancient world is the Egyptian people furniture designed and used.  
Chairs, beds, chests and stools were made not only for function but for beauty and a beauty that reflects the philosophy of the spirit of ancient Egypt combining the best in man while honoring artistic the natural world.  The perfect example would be a chair cedar of Lebanon with pieces of ivory inlaid in the shape of lotus flowers on the back seat, with the chair legs ending in paws of a lion.

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