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Ancient Egyptian Diet

It is interesting to study the eating habits of the ancient Egyptians, among other aspects of their lives. It is surprising that, medammes Ful, the bean dish, which is now the national dish of Egypt was eaten in the pharaonic periods. What the ancient Egyptians ate varies according to their social and financial status. If you're rich, you are available to better food. Egyptian recipes were influenced by factors such as foreign invasion, foreign trade. Main influence of Egyptian cuisine came from Syria, Lebanon, Turkey and Greece.

The ancient Egyptians grew mainly wheat and barley they used to bake bread wheat and barley used to make beer. The beer was a former national drink in Egypt and it was stored in jars of beer special. Spices are added to it to improve the taste. The wine was the drink for the rich and it was made from vineyards. The bread was different from the bread we eat today.The gritty and hard bread was very dangerous for your teeth. But it was the food stable many Egyptians.  
Ancient Egyptian Diet

Ancient Egyptian Diet

The most common type of pita bread is a type made either with refined white flour called aysh Shami, or with coarse, whole wheat, aysh belly. There were over thirty different types of bread. Honey has been used as there was no sugar. Beans was another main crop they grew. Egyptian agriculture and agriculture has flourished because of the river Nile. Vegetables are the main ingredient in most dishes in Egyptian additions to the meat (beef and chicken).  
The fruits are eaten as a dessert after a meal with many other sweet dishes that Egyptians excel at making.Fruits Egyptians ate were dates, grapes, pomegranates, peaches, watermelon etc. although the nature of the fruit varies with the dominant season and agriculture. Several types of meat were eaten, including pork in some areas. Beef cattle was commonly consumed by the rich, with sheep or goat, while the poor often ate geese, ducks and other poultry.

Even when other regions were affected by famine, the people of Egypt were obtained because the Nile was there to feed people. Strong-tasting vegetables such as onions have been loved by them.They also ate peas and beans, lettuce, cucumbers and leeks. Vegetables were often served with vinaigrette and vinegar. Fish and poultry are consumed by people. Fish and meat were stored by methods such as salting.

Cooking is done by housewives in ordinary families and servants in rich families. Kitchen utensils such as mortars were also used. Melokhya which is a soup made from a vegetable green leafy summer was a traditional dish in Egypt. Basbousa, a type of candy, Baklawah, Um Ali, a raisin cake, Konafa, Katayef sweet desserts were of ancient Egypt.