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Ancient Egyptian Scrolls

In ancient Egyptian period scrolls were made using materials such as papyrus or paper that has been extracted from the plant. These scrolls were used to write, draw or paint. The purpose of the use of manuscripts was either record all sorts of information about him or has been used for ornamentation. During the period was the ancient Egyptian heiroglyphs common pictographic style of writing used for writing on parchment as base, tombs or on religious texts.

Ancient Egyptian Scrolls

Ancient Egyptian Scrolls

The rollers used in the early Egyptian era were divided into pages. These pages are attached to the edges at times. To scroll, was to be held. Once held a sheet of paper was available to write or even read the writing context. The other pages of scrolling would be securely wound on each side of the sheet that has been used.

There was a difference between a roller and a roller in the direction of its use. A parchment designed for repeated use whole roll can be used for a while. The rolls have been stored in paper or single winding of the manuscripts had wooden rollers at each end.

The rollers were used very strictly. One side of the spiral was marked by horizontal lines which allowed the user to write in a precise manner. The side on which the lines were drawn was the same for all logs.

Scrolls allowed a continuous curve which prevented a specific area on the paper to be emphasized in during use. Rhind papyrus was used for scrolling time recording Egyptian mathematical tables and problems.