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Ancient Egyptian Underworld

According to the definition that Egypt had the underworld, it would mean that when a person dies, he goes to a very dark place which they called the underworld. The ancient Egyptian underworld was also known as the Duat. Duat was a ground of all the innumerable dangers and it was believed that each person will at one time or another passes through. And what happens after death.

Ancient Egyptian Underworld

Religious belief

Religious belief among the ancient Egyptians "about the ancient Egyptian underworld was quite complicated. This means that if someone understands this world, that is when he will also understand the different elements of their beliefs and religion. The Egyptians were previously very particular about religion and it was something that was very close to everyone's heart. Every aspect of life was one way or another affected by religion.  

Religion has played a role in everyone's life. The Egyptian gods and goddesses have received much respect. The people of that time lived in fear of evil and think not to pray and worship God lead to evil spirits that haunt. Some of these gods were assumed they took care of areas of everyday life and there were gods who looked after things related to the death of a person.

Meaning of death

According to ancient Egyptian belief the underworld each person had three souls, namely Ka, ba and akh. The Ka was like a double body. It was based on the understanding that without the existence of the body, no soul can remain. Ba is something that has never been able to leave the tam. Thus the spirits haunt people. The Akh was the soul immoral. This is what emerges only when the Ka and Ba unite. Spread belief that they had in mind was that all elements of the soul were perishable and it remains forever. There is therefore a risk fo much is at stake.

 The belief that these people had, came the concept they follow is mummification. Egyptians believed that the preservation of the human body is something very important. It is only the body that will keep the soul of the person lives because they believed that the soul can not exist without the body. Thus, in order not to make the soul of the agitated person and he has a place to stay, it was important for the soul to have a body.