Lady Tuya (Thuya, Touiyou, Thuiu, or Thuyu) was the wife of Yuya and the mother of Queen Tiye. Lady Tuya was buried with her husband in a tomb in the Valley of the Kings at Thebes. The tomb was found almost intact and displays the funerary furniture of high courtiers.

Mask of Lady Tuya

Mask of Yuya

Lady Tuya's mummy placed in three anthropoid coffins, one inside the other, has a beautiful gold and inlaid with cartonnage mask. This mask, which was supposed to preserve the characteristics of Tuya, which aims to help the soul to recognize his corpse wrapped to facilitate resurrection.

Linen gauze covered mask, which depicts the beautiful appearance, distinguished and the smiling face of Lady Tuya. Eyebrows, eyes and eyelids, as well as the broad collar, encrusted with stones and colored glass.

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