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The Folding Bed of Tutankhamun

 The Camping or Folding Bed of Tutankhamun

This full-sized wooden bed (length about 180 cm) could be used during camping or hunting. As Tutankhamun was fond of hunting so he used this kind of bed for convenience of transport during his hunting trips. It was discovered in the Annex of the tomb.

It is made out of wood and the legs take the shape of lion’ paws. The mattress is made out of woven papyrus and is covered with lime wash and is perfectly preserved.
The Camping or Folding Bed of Tutankhamun

The bed is distinguished by its unique design, which facilitates easy folding. It is divided into 3 parts fixed together with a technique of heavy copper joints or hinges. It has 8 legs; four of them placed strategically to support the folding parts.

The central part folds inwards over the first part while the third part folds outwards over the central one making the shape of the letter “z” when folded. The footboard is plain except for some imitations of papyrus plant depicted head to head.