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Tutankhamun Ivory headrest with God Bes

Ivory headrest in the shape of a folding stool of King Tutankhamun

We have another unique example where the headrest is depicted in the form of a folding stool. It is made out of bands of coloured ivory beads connected together to form the seat of the folding stool. 

Tutankhamun Ivory headrest with God Bes
Most of it is painted and it has a representation of the head of god Bes on either side painted in black, as well as lotus flower from the inside. God Bes was supposed to protect the sleeper from evil dreams by warding off the evil spirits. 

The legs of the stool end with geese heads maybe as a symbol for god Amon or to represent the hieroglyphic sign snD meaning fear as the sleeper would like to overcome his fear of evil spirits that could attack him while sleeping.