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Tutankhamun Ivory headrest with god Shu

God Shu covers the pillar of this headrest, he is represented with upraised arms lifting the arch of the headrest which symbolizes the sky goddess “Nut”. He rests on the representation of the earth (or Geb), which forms the base of the headrest.

Tutankhamun Ivory headrest with god Shu

 The Sa sign of protection is hung at his shoulders. The two parts of the headrest are connected by means of metal pegs. Flanking Shu we can see two lions, symbolizing the Akhet sign with the two mountains and the sun rising in between, sign of resurrection and rebirth, also they could represent the Aker lions (the eastern and western mountains). 

Each lion has a tuft of hair on its shoulder which could have been a seal to mark that they belong to a specific king’s court.