Ancient Egyptian Jobs

Jobs in Ancient Egypt

What types of jobs were available to ancient Egyptians? It was not only the construction for the construction of the pyramids and monuments. The golden age of ancient Egypt lasted over 3000 years during which the Egyptians lived in a well-ordered society that was administered by persons employed on the country's government, law enforcement, judges and the courts. All classes of society paid taxes which in turn paid to the government and army .  
The jobs held by former Egyptian scribes revolved around work on the government of Egypt, they were servants of ancient Egypt! Egyptian religion also held different types of people who undertake jobs related to religion and the execution of the temples. Occupations of ancient Egyptians depended heavily on their social structure. Many jobs were available to them because they had a well ordered society. Many jobs were inherited in ancient Egypt. But social mobility was not impossible.
Ancient Egyptian Jobs

A look into the social pyramid of Egypt is necessary to understand the jobs people took to: Ultimate power was vested in the Pharaoh, the king of Egypt.  Though gods were the controllers of the country, Pharaoh was believed to be god in human form.The Pharaoh's closest advisor, the vizier had the status of a prime minster. Government officials such as priests and nobles came next. Soldiers and scribes came thereafter. This was followed by Merchants, Artisans and farmers. Slaves and servants formed the bottom of the social pyramid.
Ancient Egyptian Jobs
Pharaoh was the ultimate authority in the country. He was to manage the army and protect the people. He was in charge of enforcing law and order in the country.The vizier was an important court official. He had to manage building and construction, manage labour, collect taxes, supervise administration, maintain accounts etc. Noblemen helped the Pharaoh run the country these were the people that worked in the government.Scribe was an important occupation in Egypt. Scribes were the few literate people of Egypt.

The Pyramid of Power

The pyramid of ancient Egypt power provides an overview of jobs in ancient Egypt and the status that has been associated with them. These jobs could be divided into state employment and protection and the national government, private employment and employment related to work on estates, jobs related to religion and temples, doctors, artists , craftsmen and workers last. 
Ancient Egyptian social structure
 Ancient Egyptian Jobs
The Pharaoh
The Great Royal Wife
Members of the immediate family royal
Officials of the Court
The priests and priestesses
The scribes and teachers
Foot Soldiers
Fishermen and farmers
Workers, builders Tomb

The government of Egypt

The government of ancient Egypt need a variety of jobs. The vizier was a court officer and the largest equivalent to a prime minister. Many of these jobs were made to the court, other government jobs were held throughout the country. The different types of jobs assigned to judicial officers and government employees, including Managing the building and construction of  the royal monuments including labor and resources.

Ancient Egyptian Scribes

Many scribes held positions of government across the country for documentation of legal issues. Scribes were also responsible for education, job-related. There was also a lot of money to be made by the scribes who created documents, which were buried with the Egyptians, which included a selection of spells from the Book of the Dead. Ancient Egyptian scribe

The priests and priestesses were busy temples and conducted religious ceremonies. Astrologers also held important positions related to religious practices and the location and position of the temples and tombs.

Ancient Egyptian officials

There were jobs for employees who have undertaken important jobs in the management of rich households and palaces such as cooks, even if the slaves were also used for this purpose.

Ancient Egyptian Engineers and architects


The vast building programs in ancient Egypt need jobs for engineers and architects.

Ancient Egyptian Builders and artists

The vast building programs in ancient Egypt need jobs for workers and builders. Contrary to popular opinion ordinary Egyptians undertook these roles on conscription, although the slaves were also used for this purpose. The condition of the working class was generally hard. The kings had the right to use as many of their subjects as they pleased in forced labor. There were craftsmen who were also employed for complicated stone cutting and creating sculptures. Artists have been used for houses decorated with rich and Egyptians to decorate the tombs and temples.

Ancient Egyptian Soldiers

The commands of the army was an opportunity for ordinary people to rise in society. The most common jobs were tied to the infantry, but tanks were a force respected. Former Egyptian soldier

Ancient Egyptian Artists

There was the show who were the dancers and acrobats who entertained the rich Egyptians. Some dancers also had jobs related to dance during religious festivals.

Ancient Egyptian Workers, fishermen and farmers

There were different types of manual labor, outside manufacturers, who had jobs on the farms of the nobility, to cultivate the land or livestock. There were also boatmen, fishermen and Fowlers. There were jobs for weavers, metal workers, potters, carpenters, upholsterers, tailors, shoemakers, glass blowers, boat builders, barbers and embalmers.

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