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Ancient Egyptian Meals

What the ancient Egyptians ate varied according to their social and financial statistics. The more money and power that you have, the better you eat. Some of the foods consumed are eaten ancient Egyptians today. For example, medammes ful, a dish of fava beans is often a breakfast food is the national dish of Egypt was eaten in pharaonic periods. 

The basic meal in ancient Egypt was beer, bread and onions, the peasants ate every day, probably as a morning meal before leaving for work in the fields or works commissioned by the pharaohs. Another simple meal is eaten in the cool of the evening, probably boiled vegetables, bread and beer, possibly wild birds.

Ancient Egyptian Meals

The rich expect to eat two or three meals a day consisting of vegetables, wild birds, fish, eggs and beef. Butter, milk and cheese were also readily available. Dessert would consist of fruits - raisins, figs, dates and watermelons.Elite Egyptians ate three meals a day: morning, evening and night. Maneuvers probably ate twice a day. Higher social status than guests could include banquets, with different foods offered to each customer according to his rank.

High status banquets were often separated by gender. Genres mixed family meals, regardless of their status. Diversity in the diet was a mark of wealth. Beer and bread appeared on the table and everyone were the most common form of payment.The story of the Shipwrecked tells us that the hero of the story discussed the following items "good food" birds, cucumber, figs, fish, grapes, figs and notched sycamore sycamore figs. Their staple foods were beer and bread.  

The vegetables were also common ancient Egyptian food and a number of recipes featuring the use of peas and beans. There were also a number of different oils and fats used in food preparation.While the food of the common people was barely adequate at best, and in the recurring shortage of corn sorely lacking, the rich certainly knew how to party: meat, poultry, water, vegetables, fruit and wine were a part of their diet, as was the ubiquitous bread in one of its many forms.  

Overall, the Egyptians seem to have abused, according to the evidence we have, they looked remarkably good. Ancient Egyptians also had a rich dessert. One Egyptian desserts is milk toffee (a delicious old traditional recipe). Another is Almond Milk Custard Tart. Chestnut whipped cream recipe is difficult to achieve, but it's worth a try.