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Ancient Egyptian Swords

Throughout history, the sword plays an important role in the loss or loss of combat range. This weapon was introduced at the beginning of the New Kingdom in Egypt. Egyptian swords were inferior to other swords invented in other places. According to archaeological data, the Egyptians did not actually use swords much at all - at least not for military purposes (but quite long daggers / short swords were fairly common in civil and political life).

Ancient Egyptian Swords

After the collapse of the central government in Egypt because of internal rebellion, the people of Palestine Hyksos took this instability and invaded Egypt around 1640BC. They ruled Egypt for over 200 years and brought with them tremendous progress in making weapons, particularly the use of metal in the manufacture of swords and knives. There is no stone predecessors of this type of weapon. Axes, arrows and spears have a long wooden handle or shaft, and a small cutting or drilling head that was shaped during Neolithic flint.  
Unlike other weapons used by the ancient Egyptians, the swords were a direct consequence of the introduction of metal. Swords had short sleeves made of wood or ivory and long cutting edges, which could only be obtained with a harder metal than copper. Bronze, easier to cast than copper and much more difficult, was first used to make swords. Bronze, easier to cast than copper and much more difficult, was first used to make swords.  
His natural temperament could be further increased by repeated heating and cooling and hammering. Sickle-shaped swords (originally inherited from the Sumerians) were gradually replaced by swords with a slightly curved blade. "Peoples of the sea", the invaders of the Aegean and Asia Minor who first attacked Egypt during the reign of Merenptah (1213-1202BC), also introduced straight, two-edged sharp blades points stab. The New Empire infantry carried spears, battle axes, sickles and words daggers. 
 A guy at the beginning of the sword was khepesh Khopesh or a word sickles introduced in Egypt during the early New Kingdom Levant, when the Egyptians came into contact with the Canaanites. He was short, had a curved blade, and was used for slashing. He went out of fashion during the 19th dynasty. Khopesh - Sword cruelly curved sickle adopted Canaanites, which was used to execute their enemies en masse, as an infantry weapon and as a symbol of the authority of their masters.

The Ancient Egyptian sword could be used to cut / slice or with a knife. Cutting blades on a sword was bent wider. Swords stabbing were both sharp and light.Ancient Egyptian SwordsAll these swords have a strap to keep cestuses. While the situation has passed, the Egyptians began to use iron, therefore, could be thinner swords lighter and stronger. This has created a better opportunity to be palm supremacy of close of sophistication. Quotas have been issued with one of these two types of sword and used accordingly.