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Innermost Coffin of Tutankhamun

Innermost Coffin of Tutankhamun is made out of pure solid gold weighing about 110 kg. Its decoration is exactly similar to the middle coffin but the differences are: it’s inlaid with semi-precious stones in only a few parts and there is a further representation of Isis and Nephtys protecting the lower part of his body while Nekhbet and Wadjet protect the upper part. At the foot of both coffins there is a figure of (ISIS) kneeling on the nbw sign.

Innermost Coffin of Tutankhamun

The coffin's shape is that of Osiris holding the sacred insignia, the heka scepter and the flail. The vulture and the uraeus, or cobra, protect his forehead. The divine beard is made of gold inlaid with blue glass.

Deities of Upper and Lower Egypt protect the body of the coffin with their wings. The coffin weighs 110.4 kilograms or 243.4 pounds.