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Middle Coffin of Tutankhamun

Middle Coffin of Tutankhamun is made out of wood, covered with gold sheets and heavily inlaid with coloured glass and semi precious stones: carnelian (red), turquoise (light blue) and lapis lazuli (dark blue).The lid of the coffin was fixed in place by little gold-headed nails of electrum, an alloy of silver and gold.It represents the king wearing the Nemes headdress with the cobra and the vulture beautifully sculpted on his forehead. 

Middle Coffin of Tutankhamun

The upturned beard of Osiris is attached to his chin. His arms are crossed in Osiride form holding the crook and the flail. It is covered with the rishi decorations. Instead of Isis and Nephtys, there is a representation of the vulture goddess Nekhbet and the cobra goddess Wadjet depicted with the wings of a bird.