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The Amarna Letters are some of the most valuable documents ever found from ancient  Egypt. this collection of documents, written  on flat pieces of clay in the cuneiform script of  mesopotamia, was discovered in 1887 at tell  el-Amarna (Akhetaten). the discoverer tried  to sell them, only to be told they were fakes. 

The Amarna Letters

they are not. most of the letters are personal and diplomatic correspondence between the courts of  Eighteenth Dynasty kings Amenhotep iii and  Akhenaten and foreign kings and officials. Subjects include complaints about Egypt’s foreign  policy, demands for gifts or favors, requests for  special treatment, pleas for more foreign aid,  insincere apologies for border raids, attempts  to gain favor with flattery and praise, and boring details of trade agreements. 

The Amarna Letters

 How is it possible that, having written to  you in order to ask for the hand of your daughter oh my brother, you should  have written me using such language,  telling me that you will not give her to  me as since earliest times no daughter of  the king of Egypt has ever been given in  marriage? Why are yo;u telling me such  things? You are the king. You may do as  you wish. 
If you wanted to give me your  daughter in marriage who could say you  nay? . . . As to the gold about which I wrote  you, send me now quickly during this  summer . . . gold in abundance, as much  as is available. If you send me this summer . . . the gold concerning which I’ve  written to you, I shall give you my daughter in marriage. Therefore, send gold,  willingly, as much as you please.