Treasures of Ancient Egypt

There a number of ancient Egyptian treasures that have remained quite hidden underground and they have been well preserved in the museums. These are the treasure that is valuable and also very visible now. It was not only the jewels and the precious metals that are the most prized possession but there are also some other things.

Treasures of Ancient Egypt

Treasures of Ancient Egypt

One of the treasures that is very much known now also is the Galbanum. This is a fragrance that is extracted from a plant known as fennek. This was something that was imported during those times from Iran. It was a form of a perfume that was very much in demand. It was a key ingredient of anything that was made for the purpose of fragrance.

Egyptians' perfumes were something's that were considered as a prized possession because it was this reputation among the people that it had a very long shelf life. It was valued because it formed an important ingredient of the perfume.

It had a very allusive and unusual smell. The smell was so peculiar that hardly anyone would confuse it with some other smell. The smell was of something very similar to green, woody and spicy. The fragrance was quite musky and it had great amount of complexity and depth.

It was very sophisticated and was considered as a very adult kind of a smell. It reflected something that is very pretty and very beautiful. It slowly was adopted and started being used as a medical arsenal and this kept on happening for a long period of time.

The cosmetic industry also started using it very much.

It bears some other gifts also. It can be very easily blend with perfume and oils and creams that are used for massage. There is a very simple formula that is still used approximately in order to make a perfume's art. The proportion is something that is quite not fixed and a person can quite play to some extend with the proportion.

It includes the following:

4 drops of oil of galbanum

4 drops of oil of myrrh

4 drops of oil of cardamom

The proportion can change depending on what you want should be more prominent as a smell. Equal quantity of all three would mean that there would be mild degree of each of them smelling. Blend all of these oils with the help of sweet almond and kernel oil and then enjoy it.

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