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 God Geb

God Geb was the god of earth (physical support of the world). His sister and wife NUT was the goddess of the sky. Geb was the son of SHU and TEFNUT (as per the HELIOPOLITAN ENNEAD). God Geb is the father of OSIRIS, ISIS, NEPHTYS, SETH and HORUS THE ELDER. He is often depicted lying under the feet of SHU, the air god, beneath the sky goddess NUT reclining on his side with one knee bent implying the mountains of the earth.

God Geb

As a god of earth, responsible for vegetation, he was sometimes represented green in colour or even with vegetation sprouting from him. He was the provider of crops and a healer. It was believed that Geb’s laughter caused earthquakes. It was feared that because Geb was an Earth god, he might imprison the dead, preventing others from having another life in the netherworld. His sacred animal was the goose. Thus he is sometimes represented as a man with a goose upon his head. 
God Geb had a title associating him with the goose, which was “the great cackler”.  His normal representation was in purely human form. According to an Egyptian legend, Geb married his sister Nut, the sky goddess, without the permission of the powerful Sun god Re. Re was so angry at Nut and Geb that he forced their father Shu, the god of air, to separate them. That is why the Earth is separated from the sky. Moreover, Re prevented Nut from having children in any month of the year. 
But, fortunately, Thoth the divine scribe decided to help her. Thus, he convinced the Moon to play with him a game of draughts, where the prize was the Moon's light. Thoth won so much light that the Moon had to add five new days to the official calendar. Thus Nut and Geb could finally had five children: Osiris, Seth, Isis, Nephthys and Horus the Elder. These days are known as the Five Epagomenal Days.

God Geb Statue Description :

The gilded wooden statue portrays Geb, the god of earth, standing on a small rectangular base. He is depicted in the form of a mummy, with his body completely enveloped in a cloak. His arms are crossed on his chest, which is adorned by a large collar. He wears a tripartite wig on his head. His body is entirely gilded except for his eyes, eyebrows, and false beard.