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Khepri Meaning

God Khepri name means: ‘he who is coming into existence’. Khepri is the god of resurrection and after life. Creator god principally manifested in the form of the scarab or ‘dung beetle’, although sometimes depicted in tomb paintings and funerary papyri as a man with a scarab as a head or as a scarab in a boat held aloft by NUN (the primeveal ocean). 

God Khepri

God Khepri


The best example for Khepri in his scarab form is the huge scarab next to the Scared Lake in the Karnak temples.  He is attested from at least as early as the fifth dynasty, where he was mentioned in one of the spell of the Pyramid Texts invoking the son to appear in the name of Khepri.

God Khepri

God Khepri

God Khepri is one of the three forms of the sun. He represented the sun at the early hours of dawn. The ancient Egyptians associated him with the rising the sun, because they observed the scarab at dawn when they used to roll their dung in balls and push it from the east to the west early in the morning (which is reminiscent of the movement of the sun).

 Similarly, they believed that Khephri, in the form of a gigantic scarab, rolled the sun like a huge ball through the sky, then rolled it through the underworld to the eastern horizon. Each morning Khephri would renew the sun so that it could give life to the whole world.

 Khephri was believed to be swallowed by his mother, Nut each evening then pass through her body to be reborn each morning.  There is no male and female in the scarab species, i.e. they don’t need to get married to reproduce so that’s why they are associated with the idea of regeneration. This character is known as hermaphrodite.