God Shu

Shu was the son of ATUM–RE in the HELIOPOLITAN ENNEAD. Together with his sister and wife TEFNUT, they formed the 1st pair of gods born off ATUM-RE in the HELIOPOLITAN ENNEAD. Shu was the god of air and dryness while his sister TEFNUT was the goddess of moisture so they complemented each other.

His name means “the uplifter” or "he who raises up". His job was to support heaven (the sky NUT). His position was always separating GEB the earth god and NUT the sky goddess while he is standing and lifting up his arms to hold NUT. One of the myths suggests that god RE asked him to separate NUT from GEB after RE fell in love with NUT.

God Shu Statue

Shu was represented in a human form and sometimes wearing a plume on his head which represented the hieroglyphic sign of his name. Shu could also be represented as a lion. He was sometimes equated with the Sun as the right eye of RE and his wife TEFNUT was associated with the moon as the left eye of RE.

God Shu Statue Description :-

In this wooden gilded figure god Shu is shown as a mummiform man he is wearing a headdress with four feathers. He has an osirian beard, which like his eyelid and eyebrow, is painted black. There is a question related to this figure because on the bases of the other deity figures which were found in the tomb of Tutankhamun the king is described as (beloved of the deity) but text on the base of this figure read as (Shu Horus strong of arm), this could be explained as: the king himself is sometimes described as Horus strong of arm but why there is a link between Shu in this form with Horus. This problem is still unsolved.

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