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Model Altar in the Form of a Temple Facade

This pylon, or gateway, was discovered at Tell el-Amarna. It is related to the cult of the royal family, which has been noticed in stela found in private houses at Amarna. It was believed that the royal family acted as intermediaries between the gods and the people.

This example is a household altar, or shrine, in the form of the pylon of the temple. The walls of the two wings of the pylon are symmetrically decorated with scenes of the king Akhenaten, Queen Nefertiti, and their eldest daughter. They are worshiping and making offerings to the god.

Model Altar in the Form of a Temple Facade

The king with his swollen belly wears the Blue Crown on his customarily exaggerated head. The queen wears a tall Blue Crown and a long transparent garment. The sun disk, the Aten, radiates his benefits of life and energy to the royal couple.