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Coffin of Yuya with Silver Lid

Coffin of Yuya with Silver Lid is made of wood, silver, gold, and bitumen, a type of cement. Its lid is covered with silver leaves. The text and figures of gods are golden. Yuya hands are crossed on his chest, holding the symbol of stability and the knot of Isis in her left hand. Bracelets dark blue pieces of glass and light have been molded to imitate rows of pearls.  
Coffin of Yuya with Silver Lid

The vulture on the chest is made ​​from pieces of dark blue glass separated by golden lines. Below the vulture is a figure of the goddess Nut. She is depicted standing on a sign "Neb" gold with arms raised. The right side of the coffin depicts a procession of gods led by Thoth. There are vertical lines of hieroglyphs between each digit. On the left side, another gods procession is led by Thoth. 
In front of him are sacred eyes on a pylon, or gateway, and four vertical lines of hieroglyphs. At the foot of the cover is a figure of Isis with arms raised. She is kneeling on a sign "Neb" gold. Below is a representation of "Djed" signs of stability and two amulets Isis knot. A head cover is a figure of Nephthys kneeling, arms raised.