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This papyrus belongs to the best period of demotic writing when the script was at once full and expressive. The letters are small, but wonderfully uniform. The first two pages of the papyrus are missing and the third is damaged at the beginning of each line.

Papyrus of Setne Kha-em-was

It tells a story of Kha-em-was, the son of the Pharaoh Ramesses the Second, entitled Setne, which was a priestly title. He became the high priest of Ptah, and was a diligent seeker after the Book of Magic, which Thoth, the god of writing, science and magic, had written with his own hand.

The Book was believed to be found in the cemetery of Memphis, in the tomb of the famous magician Na-nefer-ka-ptah, the son of the Pharaoh Mer-neb-Ptah.