Tutankhamun sandals

Tutankhamun sandals have engraved decoration that replicates woven reeds. Created specifically for the afterlife, they still covered the feet of Tutankhamun when Howard Carter unwrapped the mummy. As for those solid gold finger and toe covers.They were very colorful, shiny shoes. Some are really unique as they combine shape, special materials and new manufacturing techniques.

Tutankhamun sandals

Over 80 pieces of Sandals and Shoes of different sizes were buried with king Tutankhamun. Some are much deteriorated, with just fragments or isolated straps remaining. Others, however, have survived in decent condition.Indeed some pairs of shoes found in King Tut's tomb have horizontal straps just below the toes. One of the pairs also features semi-circular panels at the shoe's sides. 

The ancient Egyptians began wearing Shoes and sandals during the early years of the New Kingdom rule. The sandals used by these people were very simple and were made either by using straw, reeds or leather. The wealthy people wore leather sandals, and these lasted for a longer time than the sandals, which were made using straw or reeds.
Tutankhamun Golden Sandals
Tutankhamun Papyrus Sandals

The sandals were worn by all people belonging to all the classes except those who were extremely poor. The sandals were decorated by using beads, jewels; some also had buckles on the straps made from precious metals. For the most part, the ancient Egyptians walked without wearing sandals or shoes. However, people wore sandals at special events. The gold and wood sandals are known to have been made in the archaic Egyptian period.

These are some sandals found in the tomb of Tutankhamun:-



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