El Tur also El Tor is the administrative capital of South Sinai. Also known as Tur Sinai, El Tur lies on the west side of South Sinai. The name "El Tur" is originating from the Greek and meant "mountain", given by the first monks who settled here at the beginning of the 4th century. The old harbour was meant to control the shipping trade in the Gulf of Suez. With relation to the famous monastery of St. Catherine, the Saint James Monastery is close to the port of El Tor. 

 El Tur Sinai

Ruins of the first monastery built in 6th century are still visible. If you happen to pass by on your way from Cairo to Sharm El Sheikh you may stop for an hour or two. For a long time, Muslim pilgrims of holy places (such as Makkah and Medina) were kept in quarantine there before returning to Egypt. Besides, it was as well a resting place for Christian pilgrims. Tur City is the capital of South Sinai Governorate, and was known until recently as the Mount Sinai, an ancient city excavations proved that it was an important trading port on the Gulf of Suez in distant eras.

The city of phase about 275 kilometers from the Suez Canal, and about 100 kilometers from the Sharm el-Sheikh, and in modern times has been linked with phase convoys of pilgrims who were arriving via the vessels where they spend the quarantine period there before returning to Suez thereafter. Then gradually picked out fishing craft that was the main activity of the population until recently, where fishermen gathered in several neighborhoods Kelani and Jubail area and ancient Heliopolis, The Valley Village was a gathering of the Bedouins.

El Tur Sinai

Now the city and the center stage, which has an area of ​​about 5000 km2 with many activities such as agriculture, grazing, while most of the population is currently working government services and some tourist and commercial activities.

There are extremes some important features such as:

1 - some historical monuments, churches and regions of Palm Beach and Moon guides.

2 - bath Musa, which is located north of the city phase about three kilometers, and flowing water bath from five eyes are in the bath in the form of basin surrounded a building, and use these sulfur water hot (37 degrees Celsius) in the healing of many diseases rheumatism and skin diseases, and has was developed bathroom and the surrounding area to exploit tourist After Tolth investment company focused on him and a girl around swimming pools, and around some tents for comfort, and has Badhaeth, was entered into for free by now became nominal fees (b 5 pounds).

This dome that you see there inside a bathroom Moses and when you watch it from the inside, you will find that the water rushes strongly from the ground, and the water is undrinkable, because it contains a proportion of elemental sulfur

It is inside this dome, took the investing company to this place some channels outside the dome in order to build swimming pools for children, of course, everyone enters these waters, and there is no time for men and another dedicated to women.

Important note: (and the majority of people, including myself, the first thing heard city Mount Sinai believe that Mount Sinai, which God spoke to him Moses exist, and this is a mistake, there is no any relationship between the city of Mount Sinai and the Mount Sinai, but the similarity of the names only Fjbl Tur no area of ​​St. Catherine, in central Sinai

Remains to say that the city of Mount Sinai very tasty fish and cheap at the same time, markets are fish there are in the vicinity of the sea, and you can watch the fishermen and purchase.

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