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King Tutankhamun book
Salah Salah 23 February 2021
King Tutankhamun book   Introduction : This book written And collected by author of Egy King blog, He summarizes the life story of K...
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 Egy King App
We recently launched an application for our website , we hope that you like it. We will explore Egypt 's many tourist attractions, Egypt...
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Sacred Cross in Ancient Egypt
The meaning of ankh and What Does It Symbolize? The Egyptian cross, also known as Ankh, was originally an Egyptian hieroglyph used to repre...
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 Ancient Egypt Celebrations and Festivals
ABO RASHAD 11 January 2021
Egyptian religion was very ritualistic, involving activities of daily ceremony (complex rituals celebrating the Divine) and regular fest...
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 Ancient Egyptian Prayer
ABO RASHAD 11 January 2021
The role of priests in the temples was not pastoral and contact was minimal believers. They were appointed from the classes of scribes a...
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Pectoral of King Tutankhamun
ABO RASHAD 09 January 2021
Pectorals, which were considered to be shields, were important jewelry items of kings or high officials . The magic of the sacred symbo...
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Ancient Egyptian Children
Egypt King 09 January 2021
A few Egyptians enjoyed long lives. Pepy II, last king of the Sixth  Dynasty, ruled for more than 90 years. But most people did not live ...
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